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Latest Additions

Title : Satthwa: Human to Humane (Complete Set)
Author : Kochi Kendra
Pages : 576
Price : ₹1145
About the book:

Cover Price:- Rs. 1230/- Discounted Price:- Rs. 1145/-
The Satthwa series uses education as a means to ignite young minds by developing their creative and cognitive skills, inculcating fine qualities of the head and heart, cultivating social and moral values in young children and moulding them into worthy citizens. The series enhances the quality of education as it acquires knowledge from various sources.Read More

Title : Bhavan's Gandhi in Indian Language Series - Volume 4: Mahatma Gandhi in Odia
Author : G.N.Devy and Shyam Pakhare
Pages : 280
Price : ₹799
ISBN : 978-93-91622-14-5
About the book:

Volume Editors: Bijay Kumar Das and Chintamani Bharati
Translator: Bijay Kumar Das
The purpose of the present series is to give a fair sampling of how sensitive minds from different languages have viewed Gandhi and to create through the collage a perspective on how Mahatma Gandhi was received by Indian Literary community over the last hundred years, from the time he entered Indian public in the second decade of the twentieth century to the year 2019 that marked 150 years of his birth.Read More

Title : The Crazy Wit of Nasruddin Hodja
Author : Amrita Bharati
Pages : 75
Price : ₹250
ISBN : 978-93-91622-27-5
About the book:

Nasruddin Hodja (also called Mullah Nasruddin) is a highly popular Turkish folk figure, well-known for his hilarity, wisdom and courage. According to historical documents, he was a scholar who lived in the 13th century in Anatolia (present-day Turkey). Stories about him have been narrated between people for centuries, some for humour and others for conveying a moral lesson.Read More

DIMDIMA Children's Magazine
About Dimdima [Subscribe Now]

Dimdima is one of the most renowned magazines for children in India. It is published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. 'Dimdima' is a Sanskrit word meaning 'drumbeat'. In the days of King Ashoka road shows named 'Dimdima' were held to disseminate news of the king's victory. Dimdima provides infotainment to its young readers. The 48-page issue has all that is needed to create reading habit in children.


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