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Title : Scientific Temper, Egalitarian Society, and Value Education
Author : Dr. Surendra
Pages : 116
Price : Rs 200
ISBN : 81-7276-251-8

About the book:

This book is a well-argued presentation of the theory that the duality of space and time is the ultimate natural law or moral law, which cannot be transgressed by any state or its institutions, including the Supreme Court.
In order to substantiate this combative stand the book explains with experimental proof that defiance of or challenge to state authorities, including law courts, is natural, moral and duty-bound, and so it is not restrainable or punishable. It also dwells at length on the active role of value education in fighting anti-social forces like superstition, obscurantism, fundamentalism and authoritarianism. It analyses the nature of science to arrive at the meaning of scientific nature. All in all, this book is thought-provoking and challenging reading for the discerning reader.