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Title : Meditation (Simran)
Author : Rajinder Kaur
Pages : 29
Price : Rs 65
ISBN : 81- 7276-196-1

About the book:

This treatise on 'Meditation' is the English rendering of the gist of talks given by Rajinder Kaur, while taking meditation classes of the Akal Satsang. What is written is based on her personal experience as meditation guide and therein lies its real value to the readers, who are seriously interested in regular meditation for transforming their lives.
This 'Book of Meditation' lays stress on the fundamental truth common to all the great Religious and norms of ethical behaviour accepted by all the civilized people of the world. It unfolds Religion as the science of life, to be lived here and now. A way of life which leads man to experience the profound unity of all beings in God or the supreme self. The technique of Meditation written in the book is helpful to remove the veils of ignorance, to discover their real selves and to lead the way to growing ones is with the ultimate Reality- The truth. The solution lies within ones own self and not outside. This is asserted in this book and our sacred scriptures also. Meditation brings change in our outlook leading to inner peace, contentment and true happiness, and thereby living the life of Godliness and contributing to peace and happiness in the world.