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Title : Immortal words: An Anthology
Author : R R Diwakar , S Ramakrishnan
Pages : 256
Price : Rs 40

About the book:

This book brings together the utterances of some of the master spirits of the ages telling the reader of the purpose in life which transcends the fulfillment of material wants and the enjoyment of sensual pleasures. The collection hopes to provide a chart for the voyage of man through the stormy seas of life.
Various quotes and thoughts on culture, devotion, faith, freedom, God, goodness, Life, love, meditation, peace and many such topics are given which will make the reader think and meditate over. Poems by eminent writers like P B Shelley whose Ode to a skylark is unforgettable are included . Yaksha prasna of Yudhisthir in Mahabharat is also given. Thoughts and quotes of Dale Carnegie, Kabir, Tolstoy are also included.