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Books on Short Stories

Title : A Ruby shattered- Oral traditions of Saurashtra:III
Author : Jhaverchand Meghani
Pages : 175
Price : ₹135
About the book:

This is the third book in the series of 'Folk lore of Saurashtra' written by the author. They contain a collection of love legends of Saurashtra in Folk Balladry form. Read More

Title : The Shade Crimson: Short Stories based on Saurashtra's Folklore
Author : Jhaverchand Meghani
Pages : 153
Price : ₹125
About the book:

The book contains 12 stories of Saurashtra's folklore with delicate, intricate and interesting illustrations. Each of the stories unveils a historical character of the depicted village. Touching, real down to earth, the folk tales revive the glory of Saurashtra's past. The stories are told in a simple straight from the heart manner. Read More

Title : A noble heritage: Short stories based on Saurashtra's folklore
Author : Jhaverchand Meghani
Pages : 113
Price : ₹110
About the book:

The book is one of the three published by the Bhavan. The stories are based on chivalry, bravery and other values and are illustrated with sketches, truly representative of the folk art and the environment of the contemporary Saurashtra. Each story carries a map of Saurashtra showing the sites of these stories. Read More

Title : Stories Waiting to be Told
Author : Shrikant Murthy
Pages : 144
Price : ₹180
ISBN : 81-7276-282-8
About the book:

Stories Waiting to be Told is a collection of about a dozen stories based on practical experience and research in Remand Home and other Institutions in Mumbai. The case histories are presented in the form of stories at the same time the air of reality is maintained. Read More

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